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A trunking is an enclosure that provides for the protection of cables. It is normally square or rectangular in cross section, and has a removable lid.

A trunking system offers great flexibility when used in conjunction with conduit systems. Trunking forms the backbone or framework of an installation. Conduits run from the trunking to accessory outlet boxes.

When an alteration or extension is required to an installation it is easy to drill a hole in the side of the trunking and run a conduit to the new accessory point. New wiring can then be drawn through the new conduit and the existing trunking to the supply point.

Types and Sizes of Steel Trunking

There are a number of types of steel trunking such as:-

Lighting Trunking

Cable trunking

Multi-Compartment trunking

Bus-bar Trunking

Typical surface finishes.

Hot dipped galvanised coating

Grey enamel on zinc coating

Silver enamel on zinc coating

Stainless steel

Standard Sizes of Trunking

   50mm x 50mm 150mm x 75mm

   75mm x 50mm 150mm x 100mm

   75mm x 75mm 150mm x 150mm

 100mm x 50mm 200mm x 100mm

 100mm x 75mm 225mm x 150mm

 100mm x 50mm 250mm x 150mm

 100mm x 100mm 300mm x 250mm

Trunking is generally supplied in 3 metre lengths. Lighting trunking is often supplied in 5 metre lengths. Other lengths are available on request.

Specifications for Trunking Inside Bend

Size 100mm or 150mm or 200mm or 250mm

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